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Bergerac knows communication that is purposeful, intentionally crafted and authentic changes the world.

That’s what we believe and exactly what we’re doing.

From the founder

My Bergerac Legacy

“I hope my legacy will be simply that: giving people the chance to experience themselves connecting with others generously and joyously.”

–Niki Flacks, Bergerac founder.

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Our Start

Have you stood in front of an audience only to have your mind go blank? Do you still get nervous about presenting your ideas even to a small group of peers? Do you have an upcoming meeting with a leader in your organization and need to compellingly pitch your idea?

If yes, then you need Bergerac.

Bergerac offers a completely innovative approach to verbal communication. Maybe you've heard that some fear public speaking even more than death? Perhaps you agree.

Well, we've conquered public speaking and taken excellence in verbal communication even further. Through our work and experience we have built a methodology that combines psychology and neuroscience research with uniquely adapted theater techniques.

Put simply, we help our clients turn verbal communication into a competitive advantage.

Your words become compelling, they inspire and motivate, and they win results.

And we have years of experience to prove it.


Bergerac has been helping corporations win results from every word since 1986.


We help Fortune 50 to Fortune 500 companies such as American Airlines and AT&T turn verbal communication into their competitive advantage.

Are you ready? Revolutionize your corporation’s communication. Let’s talk.

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