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“This powerful workshop enables our customers to leverage their Corporate Brand—multiplying it throughout the teams, work groups and interconnected layers that are the lifeblood of their organization.”

–Charla Mayo, Chief Results Officer, Bergerac


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The Issue

The Intersection of Individual Motivation and Organizational Goals

  • Do your employees know how to express their unique value proposition to your customers?
  • Do your employees know how to align with your corporate strategy and identity?
  • Are job descriptions actually squelching ambition and innovation?

Many companies spend millions to create a strong brand in their marketplace. Very few know how to capitalize on that investment by linking it to attracting, retaining, motivating and energizing the very players who make the brand come to life.

Imagine a culture where personal brand, team brand and corporate brand align.

Research says that when individuals are reinforced by their organization’s appreciation of their “personal branding,” they operate at a higher level—but is that enough? Why not combine that enhanced performance with a cultural alignment? BrandTalk has been created to leverage the combined power of corporate and individual branding. Your Corporate Brand is multiplied throughout the teams, work groups and interconnected layers that are the lifeblood of your organization.

BrandTalk Gives You an Edge

BrandTalk has a huge impact on the organization. High performance teams must be made up of individuals that know their value proposition and live their brand statements in complete alignment with your corporate brand. BrandTalk makes this a reality.

What to Expect

BrandTalk Results

  • Create branding congruence throughout the organization
  • Witness employees embrace the brand personality rather than just know the ‘motto’
  • Engage and retain top talent and key employees
  • Inspire your innovators to live, breathe and share your brand messages
  • Win more significant business opportunities
  • Watch leaders emerge


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