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Change Your Perspective

“Not only does CustomerTalk help those in the service role, but it can also help anyone dealing with customers learn to really think from their customer’s perspective in order to build relationships and create customers for life.”

–Sharon G., Certified in CustomerTalk


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The Issue

Does Customer Service Feel Like Your Organization’s Financial Black Hole?

Your network went down, your customers are angry and your service team is exhausted. No one is sure how to make it right. Are the egos of your team bigger than the goals?

Customer service is often thought of as little more than a financial black hole, and that’s too bad. Your customer service team is the voice of your corporation.

Win the Customer Over

CustomerTalk teaches your customer service professionals and technical support teams in the communication strategies that win customer loyalty.

When your customers spend serious money on your products and services, they require a customer-service experience of superior value.

When confronted by an angry, upset customer, the best solution is not necessarily obvious, and the stakes are high. Neutralizing customer anger isn’t good enough. When you approach customer dissatisfaction with the right tools, you have a dedicated customer for life.

CustomerTalk was created for customer service representatives in IT, retail sales, the hospitality industry and any business where there are dedicated professionals fielding complaints from unhappy customers in person or on the phone. CustomerTalk can be custom designed to meet your organizational needs. CustomerTalk delivers a lot more than just talk.

What to Expect

CustomerTalk Results

  • Turn an angry customer into a loyal one
  • Ask the right questions to penetrate complex problems
  • Redirect customer anger
  • Take responsibility
  • Discover alternative to defensiveness
  • Combat service burnout
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