Executive Coaching

First Person

The Essential Skill

“Impactful verbal communication isn't optional for leaders.”

–Charla Mayo, Chief Results Officer, Bergerac


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Executive Coaching

The Issue

Your Best Can Be Even Better

At any opportunity—on the phone, in a meeting or in front of a large public audience—your executives can’t afford any wasted opportunity to lead, motivate, persuade and inspire. Verbal communication is the single most essential skill for any successful executive leader and it is the cornerstone to connecting with others. But a great mind for leadership does not always translate into charisma.

Executive Coaching harnesses the proven principles of PowerTalk and LeaderTalk and targets key areas for improvement. Client requirements determine the number of workshops and specific skills taught. Whether the occasion is a critical presentation to stockholders, a political speech or routine high-pressure meetings, Bergerac's Executive Coaching will prepare you to face your toughest challenges capably, confidently and with conviction.

What to Expect

Executive Coaching Results

  • Build trust with competence, openness and integrity
  • Inspire loyalty with authenticity
  • Enhance performance
  • Increase consensus to initiate targeted change
  • Express passionate commitment to the organization's success
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