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“Leaders of leaders are blocking out time for LeaderTalk; they’re booking six months in advance to attend.”

–Donna H., Leadership Trainer, Fortune 50 Company


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The Issue

Can a Lackluster Leader Inspire?

  • Your introverted upper manager is brilliant, but she shrinks from the spotlight.
  • Your new leader has phenomenal ideas but his team, made up of former colleagues, can’t seem to accept his new role.
  • The CFO’s presentation skills come off as halting and disorganized.

It All Boils Down to Verbal Communication

Verbal communication is the single most essential skill for any successful leader. It’s the cornerstone upon which dialogue, progress and change can be built.

Leaders are not necessarily naturally gifted with a commanding and eloquent speaking ability. Shifting demographics mean younger and less tenured employees are being asked to lead sooner than past generations ever were. Are you equipping them with the tools they need to be truly effective?

Bergerac developed LeaderTalk to augment your organization’s existing leadership development programs and to help leaders create a genuine connection with the audience. It is based on the unique Bergerac difference—a combination of theater techniques, the psychology of persuasion and the latest brain research in how we listen, absorb and respond to the spoken word. This interactive workshop is designed for multiple levels of leadership, from high potentials to executives.

Whether your leaders are introverts, extroverts, first time managers, middle managers, high potentials or executive level, they must demonstrate authentic presence! At Bergerac we believe that verbal communication is the single most essential skill for any successful leader.

Leaders need the skills to think on their feet and maintain confidence while articulating messages—even under fire. Bergerac has the tools to inspire leaders to speak authentically and passionately so that they command respect and support from their teams. You’ve found the captains—now give them the ideas to effectively take charge of the voyage.

What to Expect

LeaderTalk Results

  • Inspire with compelling delivery
  • Reveal grace under fire
  • Demonstrate credibility
  • Gain trust
  • Gather insight
  • Articulate convincing messages
  • Command presence
  • Invite participation
  • Encourage potential


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