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Time Is Valuable

“No one has time to go to meeting after meeting; you’re hiring them to do important things.”

–Niki Flacks, Bergerac founder


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The Issue

Are Your Key Players Being Held Hostage in Meetings?

Corporations are formed to provide a service or product—and to turn a profit. So why does it feel like you’re in the business of "meetings"?

The people in your company are important and talented, and you’re paying them for their skills. Are they being held hostage in meetings and wasting payroll dollars?

Do your office meetings…

  • Lack agenda?
  • Waste time?
  • Offer no actionable follow-up?

MeetingTalk Transforms the Typical Office Meeting

Let's start with the radical notion that a meeting should be three things:

  • Called only when absolutely necessary
  • Short
  • Driven by action

MeetingTalk addresses the frustration people feel about the time wasted in a typical office meeting and identifies ways to channel the information into a radical rethinking of the entire meeting process. Graduates leave committed to leading shorter meetings, fewer meetings and only meetings that get the job done.

One-day workshops include group and individual contribution throughout for up to 12 participants.

What to Expect

MeetingTalk Results

  • Set realistic objectives
  • Create action-oriented agendas
  • Prepare efficiently and effectively
  • Initiate alternatives to meetings
  • Balance the tight-rein philosophy: essential or counterproductive?
  • Ban generic meetings
  • Manage meeting time effectively
  • Understand outcomes to design appropriate types of meetings
  • Piggyback on someone else’s agenda
  • Know who should and shouldn’t attend
  • Shorten cycle time
  • Build accountability from your meetings
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