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The Issue

Are Poor Presentation Skills Killing Important Messages?

  • Your marketing manager spent weeks preparing for his presentation, but the message is drowned out by nervous mannerisms and low energy.
  • Your IT department proposes a breakthrough initiative, but the audience is lulled to sleep by tech talk and cryptic jargon.
  • Your financial leader was confident about her presentation, but the message got lost amid a monotone delivery, meandering content, unidentifiable main ideas and endless bullet points.

Most people have an extreme fear of public speaking and experience dry mouth, sweaty palms, jittery legs and plenty of self-doubt the moment they step before an audience. This fear keeps employees from moving forward in their careers—and can hold a company back. PowerTalk provides the theory, foundation and skills for delivering effective, interesting and action-inducing communication, which is the cornerstone of connecting with others.

Too many messages are ineffectively crafted around what the speaker wants to tell the audience. PowerTalk helps you approach and clarify your ideas based on a simple but groundbreaking question: what are the needs of your audience? Learn to structure pertinent content so your listeners make the connection between your message and their needs.

Reach listeners. Get Results.

What to Expect

PowerTalk Results

  • Deliver with authenticity and conviction
  • Get rid of filler
  • Channel nervous energy into compelling persuasion
  • Declutter your message
  • Sell your ideas and yourself with credibility
  • Read your audience
  • Produce vocal power and inflection
  • Think clearly under pressure
  • Activate the psychology of persuasion
  • Use engaging body language and eye contact
  • Create openings and closings with impact
  • Appear poised and professional under all circumstances








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