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Poised to Lead

“While we have 18 today…there are women sitting just below the CEO position at these Fortune 500 companies and many of them are poised to lead.”

–Stephanie Mehta, executive editor of Fortune


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The Issue

Women, Let’s be Candid

  • Do you fail to voice disagreement when you know something isn’t right?
  • Do you second-guess your ideas and perspective the instant you begin to speak?
  • Do you have exciting ideas but seem to lack the influence or initiative to make them a reality?

Female leadership is growing in companies across the globe, but there is still a veritable goldmine of untapped leadership potential.

SavvyTalk addresses the touchy subject of male-female leadership differences and demolishes the outdated idea that in order to become leaders, women must disown their natural traits and instincts.

SavvyTalk identifies communication challenges facing the women in key company positions. SavvyTalk capitalizes on the strengths many women demonstrate to help your corporation build relationships with customers, vendors, and stakeholders. With increased confidence, women leaders hold their own and stand out among their peers. They are inspired to make bold decisions, embrace their influence, and command attention and respect.

SavvyTalk helps women develop the confidence and authority that transforms them into powerful leaders. Expect nothing less than glass-ceiling-shattering results.

What to Expect

SavvyTalk Results

  • Inspire with compelling delivery
  • Reveal grace under fire—articulate ideas in spontaneous circumstances
  • Demonstrate authenticity and credibility
  • Convey enthusiasm and energy
  • Command attention and respect with confident body language
  • Capture key points succinctly
  • Genuinely appreciate listeners’ points of view
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