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Effective Communication

“SuccessTalk brings our teams together by resolving communication breakdowns so we can accomplish organizational goals. It provides creative alternatives for effective communication during emotionally charged situations.”

–Fortune 50 Consumer/Packaged Goods


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The Issue

Are Brilliant Initiatives Being Sabotaged?

  • Are you forced to do more with less?
  • Are projects limping along because of passive aggressive behavior?
  • Does it sometimes feel like your departments are at war?
  • Are the egos of your team bigger than the goals?
  • Is poor communication causing breakdowns?

When a group lacks strong communication skills, the team model cannot succeed and nothing moves forward.

Be Persuasive

SuccessTalk trains participants on the ultimate persuasion technique: understanding other perspectives. Whether you’re dealing with groupthink, emotional difficulties as a manager or team leader, finding yourself in a situation where you have to have some difficult conversations or needing direction on motivating the team when the stress is high, SuccessTalk can help you navigate the sometimes choppy waters of employee management.

Create clear communication between departments that speak a very different professional language. Learn how to interpret and utilize cues such as tone of voice and body language to understand the real cause of tension. Distinguish the difference between manipulative people and people who are hurt or angry, and develop strategies to manage these.

SuccessTalk cuts through the toughest communication obstacles. Initiatives move forward. You get results. It’s a cycle of success.

What to Expect

SuccessTalk Results

  • Make a clear point in under a minute
  • Identify passive-aggressive behaviors; learn the counter-tactics to neutralize them
  • Negotiate authentic win-win situations
  • Integrate a flexible and resilient commitment to goals
  • Translate jargon to reach those who don't share your expertise
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