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“Technical professionals are terrified of public speaking. TechTalk is easy to learn and delivers a reliable formula to gain a favorable audience response.”

–Senior Technical Leader


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The Issue

For Terabyte Brains Communicating to Megabyte Listeners

When asked, most leaders will tell you they are bored stiff with what they see from their technical teams. As a result of “belaboring the obvious,” frustration builds, decisions are put off, productivity diminishes, deadlines are missed and sales are lost. There is a clear need to help technical people speak with confidence and get their thoughts across in a concise way that the listener can understand.

Most technical professionals do not consider themselves exceptional orators. However, they are bright, capable and dedicated professionals who are experts in their field and want to articulate their vision to accomplish goals and make a difference. They aren’t always sure how to communicate so that people will listen and often fear embarrassment, boring their listeners, or not making a good impression when it really counts.

Now, more than ever in the corporate world, as we are slammed with mounting work demands and fewer people to meet those demands, we must address the challenges technical communication poses. Time spent engaged in meetings with our colleagues, briefings to upper management and presentations at conferences and to customers must be effective, impactful and productive.

Don’t Dumb it Down; Spice it Up!

The Bergerac Group’s work with engineers, software developers and many other technical professionals prompted requests by our clients for us to create a customized program for technical professionals. We answered this request with TechTalk to ensure your technical professionals will have the tools and skills needed to take communication challenges and turn them into competitive advantages!

What to Expect

TechTalk Results

  • Begin and end their communication with confidence
  • Exude confident “stage presence” by aligning visual, verbal and vocal communication
  • Understand importance of and commit to rehearsing delivery of information
  • Replace filler words like “um,” “you know” and “right” with pauses so your points resonate while helping your listeners’ brains recharge their ability to listen
  • Engage people and use dialogue rather than default to reading from slides
  • Develop clutter-free slides with one main idea as the focus for clarity and listener value
  • Use relevant storytelling that connects ideas and concepts
  • Use metaphors to make complex ideas clearer
  • Focus on key issues rather than burying them in too much detail
  • Express conviction to strengthen messages
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