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On Improved Learning and Development Methodology

“At my organization, key content we present has to have been Bergerac’d. It makes all the difference.”

–Donna H., Leadership Trainer


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Trainer Talk

The Issue

Elevate the Learning Experience

Let’s be candid about how people feel about training:

“This is a waste of time.”
“It’s so cheesy!”
“Do you think I’m an idiot?”

Does This Sound Painfully Familiar?

Learners are tired of bland, archaic training sessions based on outdated learning models. Boredom and refusal to participate are contagious, which leaves you—the trainer—feeling frustrated and ineffective.

Get ready for waiting lists. “People are hungry for this class…my roster is completely full!” –Deanna S., Certified Bergerac Trainer, Target Corporation

TrainerTalk elevates the learning experience and stimulates learner interaction with the key areas of delivery, coaching and design. Trainers learn to harness the power of emotions, body language and performance techniques to motivate and engage students.

Dry, technical material has been transformed using a combination of theatre, psychology and accelerated learning and brain research to create experiential learning that diffuses resistance to participate. You are empowered to be your authentic self, to use humor, to motivate and to engage learners with impactful material, innovative design and attention-grabbing delivery that turns even the most technical training into a lively, rich and interactive experience.

What to Expect

TrainerTalk Results

  • Diffuse defensiveness
  • Infuse your message with authenticity
  • Deliver concepts with humor
  • Tap into creativity, energy and performance zest you always knew you possessed but could never before access at will
  • Transform any program into an interactive experiential journey
  • Rethink learning strategies based on the latest neuroscience research
  • Redesign visual aids to prevent students' tuning out and being overloaded
  • Harness the power of emotions to motivate lasting behavior change
  • Target learner-centered objectives
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