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First Person

Command Attention

“By customer request we utilize our signature methodology to help participants connect with their audiences in this constantly evolving environment.”

–Charla Mayo, Chief Results Officer, Bergerac


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The Issue

You Lost Me at Point One

A large percentage of corporate communication happens over the phone or electronically. In addition, we have been conditioned to respond to the brightest, most exciting sensory experience of the moment. Chances are that’s not going to be your conference call.

The attention span of your audience is shrinking. Today there are myriad distractions at the ready (Smartphones are everywhere) and they can effortlessly tune you out.

Communication technology evolves daily. Are the communication skills of your organization keeping pace?

Successful Virtual Meetings

VirtualTalk is an inventive, targeted and action-packed learning experience that navigates the incredible challenges unique to the constantly innovating environment.

Engage listeners with PowerPoint slides redesigned from the latest neuroscience research that offers ways to captivate listeners. When dealing with dry or technical material, learn to use metaphors that leave a vivid memory with the listener. We like to call it “brain candy.”

Command attention, virtually. Get results in real life.

What to Expect

VirtualTalk Results

  • Sharply focus streamlined content based on listener needs and involvement
  • Sustain vocal vitality and lively inflection
  • Compete with even the most engaging distractions
  • Use vivid, engaging gestures and facial expression during delivery in all virtual environments
  • Transform dry material into compelling content
  • Use technology in a way that really makes an impact
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