You May Be Losing More Than Seven Weeks of Productive Work Time Each Year.


Bergerac Understands the Needs of Global 50 and Fortune 500 Companies

In the words of top management of our clients:

“I had no idea that our speaking skills would improve so dramatically.”

“Everything about this program is exemplary!”

“After delivering several presentations each month for the past ten years, I was truly amazed that I still had so much to learn! The style techniques and nuances make all the difference in the world.”

“I have looked long and hard at different sales training courses and have found the Bergerac offering the best in terms of converting marginal performers into star persuaders.”

“Thank you for a life-changing experience.”

“PowerTalk has made a dramatic difference in the impact of key message makers, the retention of those listening, and in overall delivery/presentation techniques. I strongly recommend PowerTalk.”


The Value

Can You Put a Price on Poor Communication?

According to a survey of 150 top CEOs from the US’s largest corporations, 14 percent of an employee’s time is wasted because of poor communication.* That is more than seven weeks of lost time per employee per year. What does that mean for your corporation?

*Dallas Business Journal, September 25–October 1, 1998

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What Can Bergerac Do for Your Organization Today?

Bergerac does more than repair communication breakdowns. We help clients turn verbal communication into a cornerstone to be built upon to create a competitive advantage. Your words become compelling, they inspire and motivate, and they win results.

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Is your voice lost in the background?

Are your participants bored?

Are your customers moving on?

Are your meetings a waste of time?

Are your nervous habits louder than your words?

Are your leaders lackluster?

What are you known for?

Do you lose people on virtual meetings?

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